Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jacksonville Auto Accident

Jacksonville Auto Accident can happen at any time. You need to be aware of the congested roads and highways in Jacksonville as these are where the majority of accidents happen. The city of Jacksonville has many programs in place to protect its citizens from auto accidents, however, there are still a lot of very good driving school and accident prevention programs right in the Jacksonville area that you can take advantage of.

First Coast Traffic
221 N Hogan St, Jacksonville - (904) 475-0990

Florida Driver Improvement School Inc
625 Cassat Ave # 4, Jacksonville (904) 388-9888

Consolidated Traffic School
416 W 25th St, Jacksonville (904) 350-3500

Being in a humid subtropical climate, Jacksonville has mild winters and very hot in the summers. Heavy rain storms can have a dramatic effect on driving. As Such the majority of accidents occur during the summer seasons when the precipitation is at its highest. (August and September)

Many people are not aware that Jacksonville is by far the largest area in terms of city land in the contiguous United States. Because of this the city is broken up in to 6 different areas with the Urban Core representing the majority of accidents that occur. Being the biggest city in the State Jacksonville also happens to be the most populous which can mean dangerous driving conditions when moving around the city.

Two major interstates collide right in the heart of Jacksonville. Both Highways 10 and 95 consume much of the traffic as well as auto accidents in the city. US 90 running east to popular Jacksonville Beach on the Atlantic Ocean is another highly congested stretch that has been known for a high number of crashes.

The best way to avoid these auto accidents and congestion is to take part in the Jacksonville Transportation Authority. Jacksonville offers both the JTA Skyway as well as an elevated skyway. The skyway does have a bad reputation in the city from people stating that it goes from “nowhere to nowhere”, but if it does fall on your route it is an easy way to avoid a Jacksonville Auto Accident.

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