Thursday, January 3, 2008

What to do at the scene of an accident

When and if you are involved in an auto accident, it is important to remember a few different things. First, it is very important that the police are contacted at once to file a report. When an accident report is written it usually documents who is at fault. It is important to record the date of the accident, the police agency that conducted the investigation, and also make sure you write down the make and model of all other vehicles involved. Write down the insurance information, policy number of the individual who hit you and gather the same information in regard to your own vehicle. Next, make sure you contact your insurance company immediately following the crash. Time sensitive documents need to be put in place so that your claim can be filed.

Your insurance company can ask for a statement to be taken and recorded from you that will be saved and preserved. Next you should almost always get in contact with the insurance company who caused damage to your vehicle. When calling, be aware that they may in fact want to take a statement from you as well and record it. You do not have to agree to a recorded statement. If you wish to not be recorded be sure to tell them.

It is also necessary to write down exactly how the accident happened. This is important for when you may need to sit down with an attorney at a later date, you will have this already written down and not have to jog it from memory. You may also want to have anyone that was present in your vehicle or anyone witnesses of the crash write a statement listing what they saw along with their contact information so you can reach them in the future.


Bryan Perret said...

If you or a loved one has been victim of a truck accident, it's essential that you:

Seek emergency medical attention to assess the state of your health
Follow through with all prescribed treatments for the best chances of recovery
Consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer to find out if you are entitled to a settlement for your injuries and losses

RTR Law Group said...

It's so important to know your rights and prevent unnecessary costs to you or the other person involved in the accident. Thanks for the post.